Used Trailer Hitches

By Cliff Maurand

My day job working for a used car dealer places me in a position to gain custody of used trailer hitches from various makes of vehicles. Since the dealer buys vehicles at public and private auction, and has them shipped to his "Prep" facility. There they usually remove any trailer hitches and other "add-on" items and discard them. They used to throw these pefectly good hitches in a scrap pile, and haul them to the scrap yard once or twice per year.

Rather than see a good item go to waste like that, I asked the mechanics if they would save the hitches, mark them as to what make/model/year vehicle they came off of, and even try and save the mounting bolts. In return, I pay them a percentage of the sale when I find buyers for these pieces.

As of right now, we have over 75 hitches, but none of them were properly marked, so we have little or no idea what they came off of, or what they will fit. Many of them are partially marked, something like "GMC Pick-up" but have no idea what year etc... Since I can't match these up, I doubt anyone will be interested in buying them. But all current and future hitches that come through the system will be marked and posted on this page.

Price is $30 per hitch, plus UPS shipping (ground frieght). Please include you're zip code when inquiring about total price so I can look up the shipping cost to your city/town.

Below is a list of what I currently have available. EMail me if you're intested in any of these.

1. Class III - Receiver type frame hitch, fits 96 Dodge Ram 1500 Pick-up

2. Class II - Receiver type frame hitch, fits 97 Ford Windstar Van

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